March 5, 2012 Minutes


Town Board Meeting

Monday – 5 March 2012

Town Hall @ 7:30 PM


Members Present:

Thomas Ellenbecker, Kenneth J. Horacek, Randall Pempek, Wendy Masephol, and Marilyn K. Bhend


Time for Town Residents to Address Town Board…



Minutes of Last Town Board Meeting…

                6 February 2012

                14 February 2012

It was voted to approve Minutes as printed.

                [Pempek / Horacek] Carried


  Authorize Payment of Bills…

It was voted to approve payment of bills from 2-7-2012 to 3-5-2012

                [Horacek / Pempek] Carried


  Treasurer’s Report…

Treasurer reported on receipts and checking account balance since last Town Board Meeting.


Discussion & Possible Action On…

Set date for review of 2011 Financial Records of Treasurer & Clerk

By agreement the date will be 13 March @ 7:30 PM


Discussion & Possible Action On…

Discharge of Firearms Ordinance – Review Draft from Thomas Harnisch, Attorney

Draft not available at this time…will review at April Town Board Meeting


Status of Highway Equipment…

Chairman reported all OK at this time.

Chairman also reported that Miltrim Farms had said that they would pay for work to be done on Town Hall Road…upgrading road base and asphalt patching….where they turn to go to a manure pit.  They will

notify Chairman when work will be done.

Status of Peterbilt Truck…

Chairman reported that he had signed agreement with Peterbilt Wisconsin – Wausau for the new Town Truck                                                                                                                                                


When to Put Ads in Newspaper…

Posting of Weight Limits: Town Asphalt Roads


Notice for Public Contracts:

Crack Sealing / Yellow & White Lines on Asphalt Roads / Liquid Dow / Asphalt Patching

Granite Bids

DATES…Granite Bids: 21 & 28 March / Public Contract: 21 March / Weight Limits: 14 March

Granite Bids to be opened 2 April 2012 @ 7:30 PM


Discussion & Possible Action On…

Highway Employee: Evaluation of ‘Work/Performance….Report by Chairman.

Following discussion…

It was voted to authorize Chairman to talk with Lee Waldhart and to notify him that after review of evaluation and work performance - Town of Johnson will be hiring a new Highway Employee. 

                [Pempek / Horacek] Carried

                                Roll Call Vote: Ellenbecker=YES / Horacek = YES / Pempek = YES

No decision made on Part-Time Highway Employees.


Town Web Site…

Supervisor Pempek reported that progress is being made on the design of the web site. Estimated time for operation of web site is last March or early April.


Town Hall Report…

Supervisor Horacek reported that light is still on most of the time in the Men’s Bathroom.     

Will have John Weiler check out the problem.


Drop Off Site: Recycling & Garbage…

No report.


Concerns of Town Officers…




No other items on the agenda…it was agreed to adjourn.


Marilyn K. Bhend, Clerk